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Whats this #TinyHouseRealtor noise about?

Something that makes the teams service totally unique is that we have short term rentals (including our infamous tiny house) for our clients can use during the buying and selling process.  The tiny house sleeps up to 6 people!! It has everything you need for a comfy stay: kitchen, bathroom, TV, Wifi, etc.   If the tiny house isn't a good fit, no sweat!  We have several AirBNBs that we can let you use if you prefer a more conventional setup!

Why would you need to stay in my tiny house?

Other than just being a super neat experience, here are some ways my complementary rental can add value to the process:

  • Gives clients moving from out of state flexible options until they close on a home.

  • Offers clients who need to sell their home before buying, a place to stay in between transactions

  • Transitioning from a lease to a purchase can be a stressful thing to time!  Come stay in the tiny house to avoid overlapping payments and take your time to find the perfect home!

  • Selling your house vacant or neatly staged can help it go for top dollar and quickly!

  • Allows you to save a few extra $$$ while we are waiting to close!

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